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Welcome! We are glad you are here!

What to expect

First Step

  • Whether you realize it or not, you have already taken the first step to becoming the best version of you. 

  • Ready to schedule? Email us at and we will get you scheduled right away for a free 15 minute consultation. 


Before your first appointment

  • You will receive an email from This email will contain access to your patient portal as well as all practice documents, payment setup, and new patient information forms. 

  • If you are using an insurance that the practice is in network with, you will also receive an email from Headway in order to provide your insurance information and setup your payment method. 

  • All electronic forms must be completed 24 hours prior to first scheduled appointment.  

Your first appointment

  • If in-person: arrive at Dragonfly Counseling and Consulting 10-15 minutes early. 

  • If utilizing Telehealth: please log in early in order to check your audio and video settings.

  • We will be with you shortly and look forward to learning how we can help you live the life you deserve. 

  • This session is considered an intake so it will be a more structured conversation that you will be guided through.

  • The focus will be on you, your story, and your needs. 

  • Goals and what you want treatment to look like will also be discussed.

  • We want you to know that all aspects of you matter and are important.

Future sessions and optimizing therapy

  • Sessions are for you and about you, we are here to guide them

  • Having clear goals and motivation for change are the precursors to success

  • You do not need to have all the answers, be genuine, and speak what is on your mind. 

  • Being vulnerable is not always easy, but we are here for you. 

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